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Attract High-Ticket Clients Without a Large Audience, Referrals, or Sending Cold DMs

Scale your coaching business without outdated marketing strategies while eliminating burnout. Get ahead of 90% of your competitors with this little known strategy that 7-figure experts are using.

I want to 10X Conversions with HIGH QUALITY leads now!

Trusted by 200+ news sites and 7-figure clients

Holly Wolverton

Manifestation Coach

John Huang

Financial Consultant

Danika Dares

VA Agency Owner

10X Conversions and Visibility with Ease

Scarlet's program is results-based as she seeks to offer a transformation beyond what everyone else is offering. She has worked with complete beginners all the way to 7-figure coaches. Her methodology is a unique blend of sales psychology, brand positioning, wealth energetics, neuro-linguistic programming, and proven 21st century digital marketing strategies. The Aligned & Abundant program offers structured step-by-step weekly activities and bi-weekly 1:1 support to ensure that you crush your revenue goals without burnout.


    Danika was a beginner freelancer who got fully booked within 6 weeks of launching her digital marketing agency. Check out her testimonial here!


    Evina closed her first high-ticket client after 2 coaching calls. She is a virtual assistant who specializes in Facebook groups. She created her own high-ticket program after working together.


    Skyrocket visibility when you get featured in major publications to get a boost in credibility and authority to double your conversions. Check out Scarlet's Forbes feature here!

I want to 10X Conversions with HIGH QUALITY leads now!

Attract qualified leads and turn them into paying clients

A proven system to fill up your high-ticket programs consistently.

Is this you?

  • You are a coach, consultant, agency owner, or service-based entrepreneur who's meant to be a leader.

  • You want to get fully booked with high-ticket clients and stop attracting prospects who are not ready to invest in themselves.

  • You are not here for information from another online course. You're here for the transformation and you crave 1:1 support to help you accelerate growth with confidence.

  • You are 100% committed to your vision and you're an implementor who takes action to get results.

  • You are willing to show up and do the work as you're not here to be spoon-fed.

  • You are ready to take aligned action without letting self-sabotaging beliefs hold you back.

  • You know you're meant to be an influential leader who can make an impact while making an income.


    • You’re already an expert, but you don’t know how to communicate that through your content.

    • You're depending on referrals and have no proven system to reach 100+ ideal clients a day with consistency.

    • You're attracting your non-ideal clients who are not ready to invest at a high level.

    • You’re not sure how to convert your prospects into clients without trying to prove your worth.

    • You’re adding more offers and your sales process is getting more complicated as you try to scale.

    • You’ve invested in courses but you’re not getting the desired results that you came for.

    This makes you feel undervalued and disempowered even though you're immensely passionate about your work.


    • I believe that you deserve to get paid for the soulful passion and effort that you put into your business.

    • It’s not okay to leave money lying on the table with your brilliance going unseen.

    • I’ve been there and I’ve felt like I was undervalued in a saturated industry.

    • After 10 years or trying and failing in various business ventures, I’ve successfully quit my job 5 years ago.

    • Since then, I’ve built a strong personal brand that has enabled me to monetize from my online influence, and have worked with 100+ brands and 7-figure coaches.

    I’ve managed to DOUBLE my income multiple times to 5-Figure months, and have been featured on Forbes, Google News, and over 200+ news sites.

    I want to 10X Conversions with HIGH QUALITY leads now!

    Introducing the Aligned & Abundant Program based on my signature ALIGN method!

      🔥 Align Your Strategy with Your Vision 

      We'll have a kickoff session to clarify your goals and align them with the outcome that you wish to have. 

      You’ll learn how to make a powerful connection with your ideal clients in a strategic way so that EVERY action you take today will get you closer to your vision.

      🔥 Lead with Confidence and Ease

      You will lead with unstoppable confidence and ease, by becoming the energy that you want to attract. 

      This is the key to attracting high-ticket clients who are willing to invest in your offer at any price point because you are an energetic match with who they desire to be.

      You will show up as the leading expert that you want your audience to look up to, without your self-sabotaging beliefs getting in the way of your progress.

      🔥 Inspire and Connect with Ideal Clients

      You’ll learn how to inspire and empower your ideal clients so that they will be attracted to your story which resonates deeply with them so that they see you as their dream coach.

      You’ll be able to cut through the noise on social media so that they can SEE THE VALUE in your offer through your high-converting content.

      🔥 Grow and Skyrocket Visibility

      You’ll learn how to grow and skyrocket visibility so that your content reaches the eyes of your target audience over and over again. 

      Your content will no longer go unseen and you’ll finally be seen as an authority in your niche with a proven system to drive hundreds of HYPER-TARGETED users to your feed completely organically.

      🔥 Nurture and Monetize through Sales Funnels

      You’ll learn how to guide your prospects in your sales funnels so that they become loyal and repeat customers. 

      You’ll learn how to nurture the relationship and retain clients, as up to 95% of revenue comes from upsells, and not new clients.


      Crush your revenue goals with predictability

      Imagine being able to attract your dream clients and hook them in the moment they view your feed because they are captivated by your content.

      Imagine being able to build a strong personal brand and be the one that your ideal clients choose as the TOP choice.

      Imagine having an organic lead generation machine that's working 24/7 for you, while you focus on showing up for your sales calls without spending hours on social media hunting for your next client.

      Imagine waking up filled with purpose and passion that has been reignited as you embrace the fulfilment of your work without having to worry where the next sale is coming from.

      Imagine having a sales process that eliminates burnout because you have systems and automation (without compromising personalization, authenticity, and cashflow) working for you.

      You can choose to stop imagining this by turning it into REALITY.

      This reality is possible after you sign up for the Aligned & Abundant Program.

    I want to 10X Conversions with HIGH QUALITY leads now!

    I'm Your High-Ticket Client Attraction Expert

    Founder of Soul Aligned Women

    Scarlet Vincent is a High-Ticket Marketing Coach and Social Media Expert who has worked with 7-figure coaches.

    She has appeared on Forbes, Digital Journal, Google News, and over 200+ major publications with over 100M+ monthly website visits. She is also a contributing writer at Entrepreneur.

    5 years ago, she quit her job as a guitar instructor and became a single mom. Since then, she has grown her Instagram following to over 50K+ organically, a Facebook community of over 10K members, and worked with hundreds of brands including Coca Cola, Rimmel London, Burger King, and many more.

    Her goal is to help coaches and business owners build a thriving business that is aligned with their vision to crush their revenue goals without burnout.

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